Social Automated Platforms

To maintain multiple social media pages is time consuming.  If you are currently flipping back and forth between Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, trying to find, favorite and share articles, make it easier on yourself and use a social automated platform.  Scheduling Tweets, shares, posts, even emails and everything in between can become manageable with an automated system like Sendible, HootSuite, or Tweetdeck.

Each of the social automated platforms mentioned above help manage your content on social media accounts.  While you or your designated social media manager still should keep an eye on what is trending on social media, these automated programs can be utilized share content multiple times throughout the day, week, month or year—however you want to schedule it.  Each service varies in uses and prices.


Sendible is an online management service designed to help promote online marketing through social media accounts, emailing, and SMS messaging.  Sendible allows a user to post multiple messages on different social media services simultaneously or whenever scheduled in the future. Once the posts are shared through Sendible, comments and responses will be displayed in the Sendible Message Box for a user to respond back to. 

Sendible’s email marketing provides templates and ways to design your own templates.  A Sendible user can schedule emails to be sent at different times and then track every email through the featured analytics.  Sendible also allows you to import lists of contacts in a CVS file or from any other online email service you currently use.  In addition to emailing, Sendible’s SMS functionality lets users send and receive scheduled messages to any country and to any network provider at low prices. 

If interested in using Sendible, check out the pricing page or learn more at Sendible’s About page.


HootSuite allows users to engage with over 25 social media networks.  Users can schedule bulk social messages and target posts to customers based on location, language and demographics.  Before or after sharing content via HootSuite, a user can monitor emerging trends and compare trending keywords and phrases through the conversation maps.  HootSuite provides filtering customizations to see conversations relevant to you and your market. 

Through HootSuite analytics, users can track their audience’s gender and geography and also identify social influencers important to conversations surrounding your brand.   Users can measure clicks, likes, retweets, brand sentiment and more and produce custom reports from data collected. 

If interest in using HootSuite, check out the pricing page or learn more at HootSuite’s About platform page.


TweetDeck allows users to monitor and manage multiple Twitter accounts for free.  TweetDeck users can organize lists and searches, schedule tweets, and can set alerts to notify when relevant information emerges.  TweetDeck’s real-time streaming also provides users with the most current, up-to-date tweets without having to hit “refresh.”

If using a corporate Twitter account, instead of signing in with shared Twitter accounts, TweetDeck has a multi-account feature to improve the security of your accounts and help protect them from unauthorized use.  Once signed in, use TweetDeck to favorite and compose messages from multiple accounts with ease. 

If interest in using TweetDeck, learn more at TweetDeck’s About page.