LinkedIn, the “professional social network” has become a great network for engaging in professional dialog with people in similar industries.  LinkedIn provides a venue for sharing content with like-minded individuals and potential clients.  LinkedIn is also a great place to encourage customers to give your business recommendations to build your business’s credibility for new and existing customers. 

For business owners, employees, and business-to-business companies, LinkedIn is a strong marketing platform where you can showcase your credibility.  Joining LinkedIn groups that relate to your company and engaging in those conversations will add to your professionalism within that market.  LinkedIn also provides company pages for businesses where blog posts, self-generated content, or industry related articles can be displayed.

Using LinkedIn – Personal

To utilize LinkedIn for your business, you must first create a solid personal profile.  Treat LinkedIn like an enhanced business car and resume—a natural extension of yourself.  In order to keep up-to-date and active on LinkedIn, you must follow a few general guidelines:

  • Display an updated, well-shot picture
  • Maintain and up-to-date headline or job title
  • Show your involvement in non-work related experiences—it’s not only about work
  • Avoid the “team-oriented, I produce results” summary—tell “why you do what you do”
  • Connect with your staff or fellow employees—they are your best advocates

LinkedIn is a great platform for asking questions, supplying answers, and participating in conversations with other professionals in your industry. By supplying accurate information, you build on your own credibility and it will tie back to your business.  You can also ask current clients and friends to write recommendations for you on LinkedIn.  These testimonials can build your word of mouth presence and increasing potential business. 

Taking the time to research and connect with potential clients on LinkedIn will help in pursuing new business.  Following up with potential leads after attending conventions, meetings or other networking events can strengthen new or preexisting relationships.

Using LinkedIn – Business

Once establishing yourself, you can begin to establish your business through your own connections. In addition to connecting with potential clients, utilizing your connections and groups can help you find answers you are looking for or services you may not be an expert on.  Use LinkedIn to find vendors or to trade services and build up a mutual referral system.  Make it easy on yourself and look within your connections to find people you know to help you.  Same goes for when hiring—post the listings on LinkedIn to drive potential employees your way.

To boost your business on LinkedIn, create a Company Page where you can share blog posts, updates, or industry-related articles with the public.  Sharing creative, snappy headlines with an image or other rich media on your Company Page will help give personality to your business.  The company page extends your business on LinkedIn, but it is not an individual profile—you must remain active as an individual on LinkedIn and continue to post media on your company page to increase traffic and potential leads.

Increasing Followers and Popularity

To boost your overall popularity on LinkedIn, you must continue sharing interesting content and connect with your audience, but you also need to let people know you are on LinkedIn.

It is important to continue notifying customers that you have a LinkedIn account, as well as any other social media network presence.  Sharing links to your Company Page on other social media, newsletters, emails and blog posts can help add to your traffic. Placing LinkedIn and other social network logos with links to your pages are essential in spreading your online presence.  Inviting your business contacts to visit your Company Page can also boost traffic.

If you are ready to begin, learn how to set up your LinkedIn account below or contact a digital marketing consultant at 4 Site Digital.

How to Start: 4 Steps

Step 1: Create a LinkedIn account and follow step-by-step instructions on LinkedIn or if you are already on LinkedIn, create a Company Page

Step 2: Connect with friends, employees, and employers, share your LinkedIn account, and invite your business contacts

Step 3: Begin sharing content and communicating in LinkedIn groups.  Follow the advice above to communicate with your audience

Step 4: To further boost and engage audiences, check out LinkedIn marketing



For more information and help on using LinkedIn for your business, contact a digital marketing consultant at 4 Site Digital.