Website Design

The Consumer

Less than 10 seconds—that’s the amount of time you have to attract an online consumer looking at your website.  If your website can keep consumers online past the “10-second judgment”, you may have gotten their attention.  However, holding that attraction for half-a-minute or more will better your chances of converting their attention into a sale. 

That’s not much time to convince the average Joe or Betty to look at your logo, check out your deals, and to actually read some of your content. 

The truth is; bad website design can be inconvenient and damaging to the user’s experience.  Whether on their phone, tablet, or laptop, accessing a website needs to be a smooth, flowing, and effortless experience.  Delivery is key.

Websites that do not cater to the user’s needs lose not only first time customers, but returning customers—the latter being most important. You don’t want to become that missed opportunity.

The 4 Site Digital Approach

We practice flexibility, portability, and scalability for your website while designing it to look and feel great for you and your consumer. We put individualized time and effort into our web design for each client in order to determine to target audience and how to best cater to their online needs and preferences—and this will lead to leads and sales generation.

4 Site Digital will develop the graphic interface, the front end of the website, with your clients, customers, and patients in mind. When designing your site, we ensure the graphic interface to match with the website development, or back end of the website, in order to make a full functioning website.  We design award-winning websites that:

  • Are compelling
  • Provide value to the consumer
  • Clearly identify your goals
  • Navigate with ease
  • Are visually attractive, yet simple, clean, and consistent 

Responsive Design

In today’s mobile and on-the-go world, 4 Site Digital develops websites with responsive architecture. Responsive websites scale and stack images, content, and other website features based on the size of the browser and the device used.  4 Site Digital responsive designs are ideal for updating content using one URL instead of constantly updating a mobile site and main website. With a responsive design, your business’s online search-ability will improve and capture more leads and sales.

Maintenance and Web Development

4 Site Digital designs websites that are easily manageable from the front end to the back end.  When changes are needed for the website design or content, or if a specific graphic or link needs to be fixed, our 4 Site Digital team will be standing by awaiting your orders.

We guarantee website functionality.  We want our clients to participate throughout the entire web development process, which is why we give you access to your site throughout the development stage.  4 Site Digital applies the latest technologies to your website, while ensuring compatibility for users with both older and newer web browsers.

For many of our clients, we design websites using Content Management Systems (CMSs)—applications that enable content to be published, modified, and removed from a central page.  CMSs allow business teams to regulate data submission and accuracy, and format and revision management.