Foundational SEO Set Up

If you are not familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, you may be wondering: what is a foundational SEO set up for business websites?

4 Site Digital in St. Charles/St. Louis, Missouri, provides local businesses and clients nationwide with an initial foundational SEO set up after a general review of your website and/or eCommerce store. This process involves several specific tasks that are designed to improve your site’s overall compliance with SEO best practices. This may entail a complete website set up, or optimizing your website for particular keywords, localization for a service area (utilizing geo-targets or keywords/keyword phrases with a geographic modifier), and optimization of website page copy, page structure (URL structure) based on a client’s preferred search terms and/or researched and targeted terminology.

This of course is a very basic explanation of the process. When you contact us to optimize your company’s website for search engines, we will meet with your company’s representatives to discuss your general goals and the beginning steps to improve your website’s ranking, performance and online visibility. There is a difference between organic SEO (non-paid keyword and search term optimization) and Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns and methods (e.g. Google AdWords, search engine sponsored links, PPC, etc.) to improve your website’s contextual relevance related to specific keywords or phrases.

The 4 Site Digital Approach for SEO Set Up

Our approach starts with a thorough review of your company’s website to identify opportunities to make your website more “search engine friendly” and more user-friendly. Some of the specific tasks involved in optimizing a business website include:

  • Adding meta data if you do not have meta data on your individual web pages

  • Research keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant to your business, location, services or other goals

  • Writing or rewriting copy with so it is contextually and semantically relevant to the keywords you choose to target

  • Adding industry-related keyword variants and contextually relevant keywords to website copy

  • Add or modify existing links to take advantage of keywords

  • For new websites or website redesigns, creating a URL (web page addresses) that utilize a keyword or phrase in the page name

  • Writing meta data (the information that search engines initially utilize to rank and categorize your website’s content) that matches your keywords and copy; meta data includes your web page’s title, description and keyword site

  • Localizing your keywords (if applicable) for a particular service or sales area

  • Writing original content or revise extant copy for contextual and semantic relevance to keywords

  • HTML and XML sitemaps (and integration into your website) to assist search engine indexing and to help visitors locate pages and or information relevant to their searches

  • Page redirects if necessary

  • Validation files and/or code for each of the main search engines

  • Search engine website crawl requests and indexing, or re-indexing your website

  • There are many other aspects to keyword research and website (and page) copy optimization for an initial foundational SEO set up.

    Rely on Experts to Help Your Business Improve Search Engine Rankings

    For the best results, rely on local experts to assist you with a basic optimization approach to your website. Once you have complete your essential SEO work, then it is time to consider PPC advertising and landing page creation, market or advertisement testing, writing new copy and pages optimized for specific keywords and keyword phrases, and a host of other activities. Contact SEO experts for assistance with business website optimization. We utilize industry best practices and white hat SEO techniques to help businesses improve search engine rankings on a local or nationwide basis.