Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a form of internet marketing that combines different social media networks, while sharing video, images, graphics, and informational content with consumers, to establish effective marketing communication and brand awareness. 

Before launching into SMM campaigns, first consider your business’s goals and brainstorm. Ask yourself:

  • Who is the target market?
  • What are your customers doing?
  • How are your customers using social media?
  • How do you want to engage with customers and keep them involved?

Unites States audiences spend 30 minutes to three hours daily on social media, and those numbers are increasing with each new tool and app created.  Taking time each week to build your own social media presence is an important opportunity to expand your online presence, creativity, and credibility.

Creating a Facebook Page or Twitter Handle is Not Enough

An occasional post or tweet will not give you all of the Internet’s sales and leads.  The two most critical factors on social media are time and patience.  Your social media engagement with potential clients is about forming long-term and loyal relationships.  Understanding meaningful involvement and commitment on social media will lead you to success.

Planning Out Content

After brainstorming your goals and answering the questions above, begin to define your keywords through research.  Decide what exactly your business does—what you execute well, what services do you offer—and formulate your content around that.

Checking Out Competition

Don’t be ashamed to research what your competition is doing, especially if they are doing it well.  DO NOT COPY their techniques, but learn from them and improve on building and sharing content.  Think like a customer and provide useful videos, pictures and infographics in addition to text-rich content.

Branding Yourself

Remember to keep your brand image similar through whatever social media platform—from your website pages to your tweets, you want to recognized as a single company—not one with split personalities. Each social network has its own vibe, but keep your identity similar.

Link Often

When creating and sharing your own content, link back to your own webpages.  Link to outside, related content as well—your active participation shows you are part of the industry and community.  This involvement will add to your business’s reliability.

Although you may want to start your SMM campaign on all platforms, remember it is incredibly tough for a business to be amazing on each and every social media network.  Focus on a few that best fit your business.  Broadcast the type of media best suited for your customers.  Check out our Social Media Platforms For Your Business page for individual explanations for each social media platform. 

To check out our Social Media Optimization services, check out our Social Media Kit, a program we created for our clients to run their Social Media Marketing.