Covert Prospects to Customers

Finding the sweet spot between providing enough information to convince a prospect to contact your company and keeping a clean looking, converting website can be difficult to find.

The conversion rate of your website (the percentage of visitors who make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, download a report, or whatever your objective may be) is really the most important statistic when it comes to understanding the health of your website because it’s how you measure your marketing return on investment (ROI).

Despite the importance of conversion, we have found that it’s one of the least understood measurements among small business owners we speak to every day—business owners who thought getting a website would improve their bottom line but ended up disappointed by the lack of results.

We’ve learned from experience the secrets that unlock the full potential of your website. Measuring and continually improving your website’s conversion rate is a top priority, and there are a number of ways we do this, including, but not limited to building your credibility and delivering a positive online experience to your customers.

What is Conversion Architecture?

Conversion architecture helps your business harvest more of those missed sales each month.  Many companies miss valuable opportunities when optimized, good content isn’t positioned on their websites as a conversion opportunity.  Not everyone is ready to "Call Now!”, but by providing researching customers a way connect socially, offering further information through a newsletter subscription, or nurturing them through email marketing can formulate a long-lasting, loyal customer relationship.

Part of our process is conducting industry research to determine a business’s input and crafting the “why” customers want to make purchases or use their services in the industry. With this background and marketing research, we design a persuasive online hub that gives your customers enough information to make an informed buying decision and an ample opportunity to connect at any level.

Building a Persuasive Website

Implementing free information and soft conversions can be critical when you are dealing with difficult decisions, hesitant buyers or long sales cycles.

“Soft conversion” includes featuring “how to videos”, LiveChat, comparisons, valuable whitepapers, resources, and testimonials, or self-assessments in exchange for an email, phone numbers or subscription buttons.  Look at your current website analytics and ask yourself; “How many visitors traffic sources, search engine searches, referrals from paid banners, and prospects entering your domain name don't convert to contacts each month?”

Consumers Are Skittish

The slightest sign of impropriety can send them back to their search engine results to find another site which may have a more professional and trustworthy appearance, even if it means paying a little more for the same product or service.

Simple things like prominently displaying contact information and telephone numbers for your business shows openness and alleviates concerns consumers may have about who they are buying from. Posting testimonials and case studies from existing clients on your website are also great ways to improve your credibility score, but make sure these are specific and genuine. Today’s savvy consumers know how to spot phonies.

We design websites that convert, following this equation: Simple Usability + Attractive Features = Successful Website

Look Like a Million Bucks (Without Spending It)

Your website’s design, layout and overall presentation are other important factors that affect your conversion rate.  No one likes to shop in a store that is disorganized, run down, or poorly staffed. Customers want to find what they are looking for easily.  When they have questions, they expect a knowledgeable associate to be available to assist and assess.

Confusing layouts, incomplete product information, and broken links cause the majority of customers to abandon a website, even though they had already made the decision to purchase. Your goal is sales, so make sure there are as few roadblocks between your products and the “register” as possible.

It’s important to have a website that is easy to navigate, looks simple enough but has attractive, engaging features.  Colorful, inviting buttons and social media icons show how you can further their relationship and persuade them to join your business on social media networks and subscribe to other services offered.

Quick & Convenient Conversion

So what kind of results can you expect from increasing your conversion rate? Combine better conversion with even more website traffic, and you’ll see the kind of significant impact our Internet marketing strategies can have on your business.

Contact us for your no-obligation Digital Marketing Analysis. We will develop a straightforward strategy to get you online, attract qualified prospects, and turn more of your website’s visitors into customers!