Web Development

Our 4 Site Digital team will update your current website design, maintain your site, or create a whole look if your website is looking a little outdated.  Our team plays ball with your team to determine what works best for not only your business and customers, but your employees as well, without going through the entire web development project.

Conversion Architecture: Persuade Consumers to Take Action.

For each of our clients, 4 Site Digital researches business goals and target markets and then implements those aspects and characteristics into the site design.  We create websites focused on the consumer that will convert one-time visits into life-time customers.

Our Conversion Architecture ensures your site will persuade visitors to fill up their carts, sign up for newsletters, submit forms, request quotes, and refer your services due to strategically placed calls to action, persuasive content, and conversion features. For your website to survive—it must be persuasive, and that is what we guarantee!

Responsive Design & Retrofitting

Want a website that’s ready for desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile?  Responsive Web design (RWD) or a responsive retrofit is what you are looking for.  Match the times and keep up to date with today’s explosion of mobile devices.  With a responsive design, your website will adjust to any screen size and make the website easier and more fluid on the user, while enhancing the overall customer experience.

If your business wants a responsive website, but currently doesn’t have one, let 4 Site Digital give your site a retrofit. We can modify the existing content and website code to respond to smaller screen sizes without rebuilding the entire site.  With a retrofit, give your site a few more years of life before becoming completely outdated.

Social Share Buttons

On social media? Keep the conversation alive through the integration of social media share buttons.  We will feature “Like”, “Tweet”, “+1” and any other social media buttons your business is connected with.  Connect your customers with your site and service through social media buttons.

Open Source Coding

We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. With open source code, like WordPress and Dot Net Nuke, we design and maintain our client’s websites with ease in mind.  4 Site Digital also uses content management systems (CMS) that allow your team to understand and edit content while being less dependent on a webmaster.