Beyond Email Marketing

Email marketing can be one of the most powerful tools businesses have when it comes to digital marketing campaigns. Campaigns designed to lead your fans, prospects, or lost-leads down intelligently-designed funnels appropriate for the next desired step.  Whether be a customer retention, up-sell, referral program or long term nurturing campaigns, your follow up should be designed to learn more about your contact and deliver what they want when they want it.

Sales automation steps help guide your contacts in the the appropriate funnels, help surface up-sell opportunities or unhappy clients, or gain referrals.  As a Certified Partner of Infusionsoft we can help improve your  marketing automation and move beyond simple email marketing.

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Make the Most of Email Marketing

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Intriguing Subject Lines

A well-written subject line is short and to the point. The ultimate goal is, of course, for readers to open the email, so your subject line should communicate clearly what the email is about without being too spammy.

Offers & Incentives Based on Behavior

With an integrated CRM like Infusionsoft, you are no longer sending a generic email to a broad audience you automating your sales process as your list interacts with your messaging, landing pages and videos.

Concise, Well Written Messages  

Copy writing for email marketing can often be difficult, especially for email promotions. It is important, therefore, that your message be written and structured in a way that will not set off spam filters. This is extremely important. If your messages are constantly marked as spam, Internet service providers (ISPs) may begin blocking your emails without your knowledge.

A Clean-Designed HTML Message & Plain Text Alternative

Utilizing sharp, professional design will likely help you build credibility with your subscribers. HTML emails are a good opportunity to include logos, pictures, and other branding elements that your customers can easily recognize. Some users, however, block HTML emails for security reasons, so it is important to also include a plain text alternative in your email marketing, so, regardless of your subscribers’ security settings, your message will get through to your customer base.

A Well-Managed & Up-to-Date List of Subscribers

Keep an accurate list of subscribers. This is crucial for your email marketing campaign’s success. This includes removing people who unsubscribe from your list, so that you do not get flagged as a spammer. 4 Site Digital has tools that manage all your subscribers’ information. We can use our tools to send messages to your whole list, or—in the case of birthday promotions, for example—only to a specific customer or set of customers.

Analytics Tracking to Monitor Success

4 Site Digital employs powerful website traffic analytics tools to track how many and whether or not email subscribers are opening, forwarding, ignoring, unsubscribing, or flagging your messages, and even how many people click-through your email links—particularly useful for testing markets or tracking location-specific or ad-specific offers. This information is vital, and this can help your to understand what your customers want or are interested in learning more about. This information may be used to help you create a successful email marketing campaign and to build a growing and loyal customer base

Email marketing for St. Louis businesses, or business online anywhere, is one of the better Internet marketing tools that is available to help you to increase your return on investment (ROI). Contact 4 Site Digital today to learn more about how we can help you create and implement successful email marketing strategies.