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Have a suspicion you’re overpaying for underperforming online marketing? You might be right, unscrupulous agencies, unwitting webmasters and even the marketing platforms themselves (not mentioning any names) take advantage of their customers routinely. 

With 18 years’ experience we have seen it all: 

  • $1,000’s in ad budgets wasted and millions in sales lost
  • “guaranteed #’s of first page results” for worthless keyword searches 
  • Marketing malpractice from “web developers” dabbling in SEO, SEM or SMM 
  • Bland pointless content boring active prospects right to the competition
  • Tracking inconsistencies and irrelevant KPIs 
  • Forms sent into the ether never to be follow up on again 
  • Lackluster follow up – “website leads are no good” 
  • Slow hosting adding injury to SEO and Insult to Conversion 

What you get:  

  • We’re Different Damnit” Analysis – what do you offer, how is it unique and why should customers care. 
  • Fresh Perspective Website Review: Conversion, Ease of Use, Competitor Envy Score, Millennial Test 
  • Traffic/Lead Generation: SEO, PPC, SMM, SMO, Shopping Engines, Email Marketing 
  • Follow Up & Nurturing, Not “no” until it’s a “no”, Adding 10% to the bottom line

Yeah, but how much?

Good question. $799 or Free* if we work together in the future. *$799 will be applied to services over 12 months.
Questions ? 636-720-0703  or apply by clicking below.

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Our Guarantee, Pledge or Terrible Idea. 

 We swear (right hand up) we will not ask for your business for 90 days. Anyone can find some little flaw in an approach and undermine your current vendor or an employee at your company. Flashing a colorful report focused on all the negatives and dragging the competition through the mud is all too easy. Once our report is finished we will not pitch any of our services to you for 90 days. You will have the report in hand to provide your current vendor or educate your employee tasked with marketing the website. 

Free Will

We are confident some part of the recommendations will likely be best outsourced. It may take 90 days or 1 day to realize and we will be there to support you. Not to break our word, we will not pitch our services but if you ask, well it would be rude not to talk. 

What will my report look like?

Each report will be unique as each business is. We have worked with local businesses to international software sales and you can’t cookie cutter an approach to evaluating online marketing effectiveness and opportunities. We will have several conversations where we get to know your company, access your reporting, ad consoles and understand your business KPIs. We follow the outline above to evaluate current strategies and opportunities. Recommendations can be higher level qualitative or very straight forward settings and analytical suggestions. 

 How do I know it will be worth it?

You don’t. You will be working with the owner of the company and if at the end you feel you haven’t gotten your money’s worth, we’ll refund it.   

Do you have some examples of how this has paid off for others? 

  • Improving online sales from organic search from $0 to $6.5M 
  • A dentist unknowingly paying for Adwords searches on “Medicaid”, “free” & “gold teeth” searches at a rate of hundreds of dollars a month. 
  • Equipment manufacturer paying hundreds of dollars a month on a CRM only to send out a holiday email. 
  • Improving PPC efficiency millions a year with mobile PPC strategies 

What is competitor envy score?

How does your website compare when a prospect considers visuals, content, conversion tools, support materials, SEO, ease of use. 

Millennial Test?

We agree the “millennial” effect may be overblown but there are certainly ways to interact with prospects that old school, "I know my customer" bias can overlook. “My customers are older and not tech savvy, they won’t buy an expensive machine online.” Said the owner, which had his eyes opened to routine sales of $10,000+ all online. 

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