Facebook-owned Instagram has grown tremendously since January 2013, increasing from 90 million users to over 200 million worldwide. Like-minded Instagram users enjoy the image and now short-video focus and the applied creativity through Instagram’s numerous filters.  Instagram has provided the opportunity for any user to become a pro photographer.

Businesses on Instagram promote their brands through stylized imagery.  Pictures shared on Instagram should show how your business and events you participate in are unique.  Instagram also has implemented sharing functions for Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr to further spread your posts.

Using Instagram

Instagram provides a great opportunity for businesses in consumer product, luxury goods, lifestyle, and food industries to display their photos or properties and goods.  Posting pictures from your team at a conference or of your customers trying your product will stir up traffic and your online activity.  Like any other social media network, enveloping yourself within the community will boost your popularity on the web and drive customers to your sites.

Keeping an active account and posting visual content daily can best enhance your Instagram account and cultivate a following.  Take time to think about what images are eye-catching and capture your services or products in an interesting light—but also balance fun images with pictures from your business.

Other beneficial tips to maximize your Instagram account include

  • Using relevant, popular hashtags to participate in what’s trending
  • Engage by following others, following followers, and liking their photos
  • Embed Instagram video in your blog or website
  • Create photo contests on Instagram with Facebook
  • Reward followers with discount codes and promos
  • Showcase photos of employees and celebrate your valued staff

What to Avoid

Check your photos and make sure the content is appropriate.  Having a faulty image or something inappropriate appear in the background can make a photo viral, but not in a good way.  Having a ridiculed account can influence your reputation and credibility. 

With the implantation of Instagram ads, be careful not to “dump” ads on followers.  Keep in mind social media is for people to engage with one another, not for forcing ads upon an audience.  Advertising on social media needs to be a part of the conversation.  Find a way to relate your content.

Lastly, as with any other social media network, do not let your Instagram account go dormant—keep updating it with new pictures weekly.  A stale account is a boring account.

Increasing Followers and Popularity

To boost your overall popularity on Instagram, you must continue sharing interesting content and connect with your audience, but you also need to let people know you are on Instagram.

It is important to continue notifying customers that you have an Instagram account, as well as any other social media network presence.  Sharing links to your Instagram accounts on blog posts, your website, and emails is a great way to notify clients you are on Instagram.  Placing Instagram and other social network logos with links to your pages are essential in spreading your online presence.  Inviting your business contacts to visit your page can also boost your page’s traffic.

If you are ready to begin, learn how to set up your Instagram account below or contact a digital marketing consultant at 4 Site Digital.

How to Start: 4 Steps

Step 1: Create an Instagram account and follow step-by-step instructions on the Instagram Help page

Step 2: Follow your friends, other businesses, share your Instagram account, and invite your business contacts

Step 3: Begin posting.  Follow the advice above to communicate with your audience

Step 4: To further boost and engage audiences, create Instagram ads



For more information and help on using Instagram for your business, contact a digital marketing consultant at 4 Site Digital.