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Our consultants assist small and medium businesses with competitive business analyses that compare websites on rankings, competitor performance, paid marketing (Pay-Per-Click advertising), organic search engine optimization, and targeted website content to improve your business's online presence and visibility to local, national or international customers. Our Digital Marketing Analysis creates a baseline picture of your current business website performance, and your current search engine positioning compared to other businesses or local competitors within your industry with a presence on the web.

Our analysis will include:

  • Overall Score of your site and your competitor's site
  • Accessibility - Can mobile and tablet users use your site effectively
  • Content - Quality and quantity
  • Marketing - Optimization, social cues, branding, missed opportunities
  • Technology - simple glitches and oversights can seriously effect your online success.
  • Gain market share with competitor analysis


Our marketing consultants will help your business:

  • Identify competitors' and their competing search engine strategy
  • Summarize your business's current popularity, ranking, and accessibility online
  • Identify ways your business can better increase sales and leads
  • Develop strategies to market your business online through optimized website design and social media marketing


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